Use Twitter

Spring Valley High

Get The Word Out for Your Events

Hey y'all. Want more people to know about your event? Want more money raised with your next fundraiser? Publicize it outside of the school.

There are many ways to get information out to folks outside of the school. Emails to the faculty and flyers on the walls are great, but no one outside of the building sees any of that. If you've got an event that the community needs to know about don't forget to have it Tweeted.

Want to Take Your Tweets to the Next Level?

Create a "flyer" such as this one with Smore (this one literally took less than 5 minutes -- it's just fill in the blanks and pick some pretty pictures). Copy the link to the flyer. Add the link to your Tweet. Bring traffic to your online flyer.

Make something in Google Docs. Click the Share button and set it to public. Copy the link. Add the link to your Tweet. Same deal.

A Tweet is limited to 140 characters. A Smore flyer or a Google Doc can say a whole lot more.

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