The Maple Paper

8th december 2015

Oh cannabis by Mark Ummelas

In places all over the world cannabis is described either as a remedy or a narcotic substance. Either way, the Canadian government has now taken action to legalize it.

The Canadian government has been dealing with the legalization of cannabis for the last 92 years. It was first banned by the Cannabis Regulation Act back in 1923, when it was considered as a new and potentially dangerous drug. However, the first cannabis related police seizure took place in 1937. Since then, cannabis has become more popular thus making it a widespread news topic.

In the year 2001 medical marijuana usage was allowed in certain Canadian hospitals under certain circumstances of the patients, like spinal pain and epilepsy related seizures. The bill stated that if a doctor is comfortable with giving the patient small doses of cannabis, it will be legal. Not a single doctor has been prosecuted for taking advantage from that bill. After the legalization of cannabis in the medical world, the people of Canada have taken its full legalization as their new benchmark.

Since Justin Trudeau won the elections in 2015, the government has started to approve laws of legalizing marijuana. The liberal party of Canada has made a promise to legalize it in the next year. Their homepage states many different policies of the legalization, such as the regulations of it etc. The party confirmed the legalization on the 3rd of December. After the bill, Canada will officially be the first G7 sector state that has fully allowed it.