By: Clarkson English JH

A piece of text that proposes an idea and gives reasons to support the idea.


  • Look around you- it's so obvious, yet it's been right here our noses all this time and we never even thought of it! ICE! Yes, that's right, ICE! Our UNLIMITED NATURAL RESOURCE! Say after me: "Our unlimited natural resource." Very good!! Now if we can only work out who to sell it to, we can all be filthy rich! -Penguin motivational speakers.
  • Dear board of supervisors and library committee, don't shut down the Crozet library! I will now tell you three good reasons not to shut it down. The Crozet library is realy close to my heart and at least 5,700 kids do the activities. It also the fourth busiest library in the city. This is the way I feel.

Proposition and Support can also be referred to as persuasive writing. Persuasive writing is getting you to believe something that the author has stated. The same way the proposition support does. Therefore they are the same thing, just using different vocabulary.