Oh the thinks you can think!

Book by Dr. Seuss, Project by Shoddow D. Andrus


Imagery is a authors or poets way of putting a seen in our heads using descriptive words.

a good example of this can be found in the book oh the thinks you can think. "You can think about Night, a night at Na-Nupp. The birds are asleep and the three moons are up."

you can imagine a night in a strange alien place cant you?

And lets not forget those fun, goofy pictures.

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Alliteration is a repeated sound. they are mostly found in tongue twisters. An example from the book "oh the thinks you can think" would be "Go visit the VIPPER, the VIPPER of vipp" even though its small. The "v" sound is repeated four times.


An hyperbole is an exaggeration. Exaggeration are vary common especially to kids. an example from the book would be "you can think about that until Saturday night." you don't know if you really are going to think about it for that long.


Assonance is a repeated sound in a passage. an example in the book would be. "And you don't have to stop. You can think about SCHLOPP. Schlopp. Schlopp. Beautiful schlopp. Beautiful schlopp with a cherry on top."
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every book has a theme or lesson of the book. the theme of this book is that your thoughts are limitless