Auschwitz Death March

General Info

The Death Marches were the last resort transportation for Jewish prisoners. The SS had previously used trains, but could not handle the amount of prisoners that needed to be transferred. The Death Marches were the mass movement by foot to camps set further into Germany, where they could be controlled till the need of the war. The SS needed the prisoners to make artillery for them so they could keep fighting, and if all else failed as a bargaining chip.

The Auschwitz Death March - January 18

In Depth Look

The Auschwitz death march had more than 60,000 people in the march; of the 60,000 two are well know famous author Elie Wiesel and his father. !5,000 people died in the death march making the death rate one in four. The march that was started in Auschwitz ended Wodzislaw, when the prisoners got to Wozislaw they were sent by train to other camps in germany.