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Need To Know

  • GPS-Mrs. Brewer and Mrs. Menard are in room 351 every day during GPS. Identified HAL students may be reporting to that room for services during that time, but each student should have a pass in advance to leave their GPS. For some meetings, you will receive an email excusing specific HAL students from your gps.
  • Peer Tutoring Recommendation Forms-meetings were held for HAL students in grades 10-12 to become peer tutors. The meetings discussed expectations of a peer tutor, training on effective tutoring strategies and a mandatory form that all peer tutors must complete in order to participate in this program. Teachers, please be advised that HAL students may be asking you to sign their forms. Students are only eligible if they are responsible, organized, respectful, good communicators and have a grade of an A or B in the class they prefer to tutor. The Peer Tutoring program will begin in the second quarter.
  • How to Schedule a Student for Tutoring-We have shared a PEER TUTORING CALENDAR with you where you can input students who you think would benefit from a Peer Tutoring sessions with one of our HAL students. This calendar will function in the same way the English Lab Calendar is used. You will need to create an event on the date the student is to report to room 351 for tutoring. It would be helpful if you included the class in which they need help as well as their name. This will allow us to make sure to have a peer tutor available for your student. You will also have to sign a pass in the student's passbook allowing them to leave their gps. Please be sure to communicate with your student that the Peer Tutoring occurs in ROOM 351 (and where that room is located--the HEALTH ROOM)
  • BW HAL SERVICES HELP DESK: Do not forget that we are here to serve you. We can assist in lesson planning, what to do with identified HAL students in terms of motivation, and offering differentiation strategies. The link below will get you direct contact with both Megan and Nicole.

Coming Soon

  • Family Connection (Naviance)-will be utilized to develop portfolios for HAL students in all grade levels. After students have been to the Career Center and been trained in the program by Mrs. Sorensen, they will begin to use the program for scholarship information, NHS documentation and career planning. Seniors will begin the process in November.

Feature Video

This month's video features tips on how to meet the needs of gifted students without doing extra work. Not all of the tips may apply to your classroom, so use what works best for you. Some of the strategies include grouping, alternative assignments and encouraging higher level courses for academic rigor.
Six Ways to Meet Bright and Gifted Kids' Needs Without Much Extra Work

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