Kinderstone Literacy and Math Class

January 19, 2016

Student __________________________________________

Homeroom Teacher __________________________________________


  • Please complete the math worksheets. It's not necessary to return them. It's evident by student progress when students are working at home.
  • On the attachec practice writing numbers 0-20 in random order (as they are called out)


  • Reading Log
  • Practice sound sorts (1 sort a day...sorting different ways)

Word Study

Attached you will find a parents guides to word study. You have received a complete chapter and sorting cards for an area of focus specific to your child and their needs. DO NOT GLUE THEM DOWN TO PAPER!!!!! These sorts are intended to be done over and over as practice. Use one of them daily. DO NOT RETURN THEM!!! These will be your homework until your student passes my in class assessment. I will also be working on these concepts in small and large groups here at school.