Callahan's Corner

13th Edition, January 1, 2016


Happy New Year to EVERYONE!!! We've made it through the first semester of the 2015 - 2016 school year! WooHoo! After a much needed break, I'm starting to think forward to 2016 and the awesome things our students will accomplish! I can't wait to hear about the great fun you've had with your family and friends this holiday. For me, it was the best one I can remember--1st Christmas for Winnie!! Of course, everything revolves around Winnie these days :-) We had lots of family together time though, and that means more every day as I get OLD!! haha You young 'uns make sure you remember to love on your parents as you have no idea how special it is to us!

CUDOS to Lilia Cantu for being a FABULOUS substitute in Lauren's absence. We could not have asked for a better person to fill in for her. Lilia's many years of PK experience made her the perfect fit! I know Lauren better enjoyed her time off knowing things were completely in great hands!

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As you plan for the first day back, remember that it's similar to that first week of school. Don't forget to review your rules and expectations! Remember that we have several students who we've made arrangements NOT to have together in class and/or in the less structured areas (ie. lunch, special areas, hallways, restrooms). Please be sure you remind other staff when you drop your class off, and please remind the students to stay clear of each other.

Benchmark testing is upon us!! This will give us some great data to determine where our needs are for improvement. In math, we already have some great info from our unit tests. Amy's schedule for intervention will be off for the first 2 weeks back. I've asked her to push in to help with model drawing. On our recent unit tests, the students are still not using this to help them determine appropriate operations. Amy will be doing some model lessons in 3rd and 4th grade math classes to help with this. She will resume regular schedule by the week of January 19th.

REMINDER: In order to count COMPUTER LAB as an INTERVENTION, students MUST be attending! It is NOT the responsibility of the aides to chase down the kids who are not coming. That is your responsibility as the classroom teacher. They are happy to share their sign in sheets with you so you know who is and who is not coming, but they are not going to come find you. If you have kids that are supposed to be there, please check to see that they ARE actually attending so we have the data on their progress.


GRADES ARE DUE by 8:00am on Monday, January 4th, 2015! NO EXCEPTIONS! Make sure you have the correct number of grades in EVERY CORE CONTENT AREA. This means AT LEAST 3 major grades AND 3 daily grades (and 1 homework for content with a homework category) plus some other grades for a total greater than 9 grades!!! We will run the reports Monday morning!

Make sure to complete your Honor's Assembly reports by January 7th so we can get the certificates done for the VIPs and the Principal's Awards. PTA will also come on the 8th to count out spirit sticks.


January 6th: Report Cards go home!

January 7th: Honor's Award REPORTS completed in Drive so we can get certificates and spirit sticks ready

January 7th: Mari and I will be visiting your team during your conference time!! Please plan to meet for the first 30 minutes!

January 11th: SUPERINTENDENT's Meeting at 3:15pm in the library (PARAS--you will need to flex out this time as you need to attend)

January 13th: Awards Assemblies (please be sure you have notified your parents!!)

January 15th: STUDENT CHOICE DAY! This will be the LAST TIME with this group! We will send out new sign up sheets for the next 3 spring sessions!


I haven't heard any reports of concerns during the break... hopefully all are doing well! If you know of someone who needs anything, please email the CLE group so we know!!

We do look forward to Lauren's return (I know she's probably not ready yet though)!

Coach McCabe continues to recover from his toe surgery! When we saw him the day before break, he said he was doing well, so hopefully he will be able to return on Monday. Watch out though--if you make him mad he might kick you with that killer boot!

HEALTH AND WELLNESS GROUP: Mary and I will meet early this week to discuss the details of the STEP CHALLENGE!! If you have any kind of step counter (ie. FitBit; I think some smart phones even do this), and you want to challenge yourself to get healthier in 2016, join us in a little friendly competition. We will start on Monday, January 11th, in order to give us a week to get the details worked out. We will do the WORKWEEK challenge where we start on Monday and go through Friday. More details by midweek.....