Ebola in Sub Saharan Africa

By Makenzie Yaeger

What is Ebola

Ebola is severe and often a fatal illness that attacks the immune system and causes extreme fluid lost in victims. The disease often disrupts the blood clotting system and it causes internal bleeding in the person. Most facilitates are cause by severe dehydration also low blood pressure that us related to fluids lost.
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  • The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads throughout the human population through human-to-human transmission.
  • Some symptoms of Ebola are fever , sore throat , muscle pain , headaches , vomiting and rashes
  • The number of Ebola cases so far this year: 9,936. How many people have been killed by Ebola: 4,877
  • Ebola is one of the fastest and easiest virus to catch.
  • Currently Ebola is is mostly in Africa and many people have been dying.
  • You cant get the virus by water, contact, food, and you cant get it from the air.
  • Ebola can get spread by sharing water ,food and kissing the saliva is what spreads it.
  • The virus is not guaranteed a death sentence about 47% of carriers survive.
  • when it burst out of a cell throughout the body and damages them, eventually causing muti-organ failure.

Who it affects


Children have always been vulnerable to illness. The Ebola outbreak have affect their lives in many ways. Many of the children and parents have been exposed to the virus and many of the kids have lost people that the loved or need to survive. Many of the children were exposed to witnessing their family members suffering from the virus and that was traumatizing for them. Most of the kids that don't have any family left they are facing abatement in their communities. Some of the kids that have a hard time with the separation they are sent to a treatment center. At the treatment center they have a psychologist talk to the and help them with everyday needs.
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