Last Shot

John Feinstein


My genre is mystery.


The theme of this book is do what you do best.


The protagonist is Steven Thomas. He finds out Thomas R. Whiting a Minnesota state manager has told the star player to throw the game.


The antagonist in my book is Thomas R. Whiting. He is the manager for Minnesota state, and tells the star player on the team to throw the game.

Main Character

My main character is Steven Thomas. His strength is his writing. Steven loves to write about basketball. His weaknesses is in sports. He is not athletic but is a great writer and reporter in sports.


"Sooner the better."


At the final four, in New Orleans.

Main Conflict

The main conflict was when Steven and his second contest winner Susan Carol over hear Thomas R. Whiting tell a very good player on the team to throw the game. The internal conflict in Steven's mind is " I should tell Dick Weiss, but don't want him to think I am crazy." The external conflict is " I don't want to tell anybody about this." The resolution to the blackmail was Thomas R. Whiting and Earl A. Koheen was arrested for blackmailing.

Personal opinion

I liked this book because it had sports and exciting moments. It had one of the greatest basketball championship in the story, the Final Four. My most exciting parts was when Thomas R. Whiting tells the star player on the team to purposely lose the game.