History of Medicine-Ancient China

Ms. Cable

Medicine In China

Chinese doctors figured out many ways to treat sick people. They used many medicines made of different herbs and tree barks. Though some of these were just guesses, other medicines worked well. By the 300s B.C, Ge Hong was the first doctor in the world to write about a good medicine for malaria .

Medicine in China

By the time of the Han Dynasty, about 100 BC, China had become a major center of medical research and the home of some of the world's best doctors. These doctors wrote the Neijing, a book about medicine, organizing and explaining all of their treatments. The Neijing argues that earlier ideas about demons making you sick are wrong. According to the Neijing, you get sick when the yin and yang of your body are out of balance. Lifestyle choices like bad food, not exercising, stress, and your environment can knock you out of balance. Doctors used a combination of acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicines, and exercises to restore your balance.