Raven Boys

Book one of the Raven Cycle Series

Book Facts

Written by: Maggie Stiefvater

Published by: Scholastic Press

Copyright date: 2012

ISBN number:0545424933

Genre: Sci-Fiction

Awards: None.


Personal Review

This book, Raven Boys, the first book in the Raven Cycle series, was so convoluted that it was almost simple. It would probably be even more so, had I not researched the subject. The basic outline of the story is this. Blue's family is psychic, everyone but her. She was told by every psychic she'd ever gone to that if she kissed her true love, he would die. She instead makes their abilities and spiritual energy stronger. every year on April 25th, St. Mark's Eve, she and her mother go to an old abandoned church to get names of people who will die in the next few months. The church is located on what Blue's family calls the Corpse Road, but is actually called a ley line. Gansey, the second main character, is looking for ley lines, and just happens to be in the area. They end up meeting at the restaurant Blue works in, and then again when he comes in to have his cards read. Adam, the third main character, likes Blue, and they pretty much end up dating. The major topic or focus of the book is about how the three plus Ronan and Noah,{Adam and Gansey's friends} go looking for ley lines and magic and pretty much finding sacrifices, time-stopping, and lots of attempted murder.

Like, seriously, about four-ish times.

What made it confusing:

While the story is told mostly in third person, there are three main characters, Blue, Gansey, and Adam. One would think this would be fine, except for the fact that there's a good twenty pages or so before the first two main characters even meet each other, not including the Corpse Road "incident". Instead of character development or actually explaining what the terms are, it's kinda just assumed the reader will get it. As said previously, I understood well because I study the subject {because what else to do with my free time besides look up these things?}. Another confusing thing, depending on your take of pace, the story was calm one second, and action the next. For instance, it's a normal afternoon, the characters are doing normal, everyday things, and then just like that, they're going for a ride on a helicopter. It's a bit chaotic, but still a good story nonetheless.

What I loved about this story:

The characters were incredibly well thought out, and easy to relate to. Maggie Stiefvater pays so much attention to the smallest details, you feel like you're there in the story with the characters. For instance, the tiniest details such as the names of the types of color-changing fish, the specific types of vintage cars in Gansey's father's garage, things so subtle one would only notice if they were attending the scene, and it helps to create a great sense of background and flow for the reader.

Professional Reviews

~*Further Explorations*~

Modern Activities and Interests In Relation To Raven Boys

Note: If you've never read the book, and have never researched spiritual energy, tarot, psychic readings, etc. then I suggest starting with the links with numbers. If you've read or researched, try the links in bullet points, they pick up starting with the topics of Wiccan spells, Nazca Lines, and spiritual cleansing.
  1. Learn to read Tarot ~*~This is an incredibly accurate site, my friend and I learned in only a few weeks.
  2. Spiritual Energy~*~This site, while slightly religious, explains the whole concept pretty well.
  3. Protection and Amplification Crystals for Readings ~*~Again, these two sites, {This one, as well as Teach me Tarot} are highly reliable. When performing readings, Tarot cards are used, some psychics also use specific crystals, to ward off and erase negative energy. Some use a few, such as clear quartz, to channel spiritual energy, and regain focus, a lot like the effect Blue has on people. You can learn about them here.

And here is where I transition into the strange world of Blue's family. Don't worry, I promise I'm not crazy.

  • Spiritual Cleansing~*~It's incredibly important to cleanse your spiritual energy every once in a while, some people even do this process daily!
  • Nazca Lines~*~The Nazca Lines are huge engravings made by the Nazca people, thousands of years ago. Nat. Geo published this article in their magazine. Gansey mentions them in the book, as well.
  • Wiccan Spells and Grimoire~*~These are exactly what they sound like, and Grimoire is a witch's book of spells. Being one of the many types of magic, dark magic also has several sub-types. This is the likes of which Neeve would probably practice, as the mirrors facing each other could easily have been explained away.
  • Note: The entry above is more focused on Neeve than on Blue. It tells about the black magic spellcasters such as herself.

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