Brian S. 73375

Fire is a powerful tool. While very useful and intriguing, it can literally consume those not careful with its shapeless flames.
Composed of heat, oxygen, and fuel, fire is created when these forces are conveniently combined. For example, a stove creates fire from the oxygen in the air, the fuel in the stove itself, and the heat/friction from turning the handle.
These are the results of accidents caused by this mischievous force.
However, fire has a bit of beauty to it. Something about the way the flames gracefully dance across their host intrigues people. But fire comes in many different forms. Even the stars are made of fire!
And have you ever wondered why fire is different colors? There is a spectrum of colors from red to white. If a fire's color is closer to red, it is cooler, and if it is closer to white, it is hotter.
But as I've said before, fire is a tool. Skilled individuals can bend and flex it to their every whim. While we have all seen fire in cooking, here are some examples of extraordinary fire control.
Fire Eating Tutorial: Fire Tricks (2)