Jacob Young 1st Period Tyrell

Cell Theory

1. All living things are made of cells.

2. Cells are the basic unit of structure and function.

3. Cells are and only are produced by other cells.


Bacteria is the only prokaryotic life form.

Prokaryotes have no membrane bound nucleus, but do have DNA.

Prokaryotes are smaller than Eukaryotes.

They are less evolved; simpler than eukaryotes.

Prokaryotes are older than eukaryotes

They are less complex, as they lack membrane bound organelles.


  • Plants, animals, fungi, Protista, etc. are all eukaryotes.
  • Have nucleus.
  • DNA located in nucleus
  • Complex - lots of organelles
  • Larger
  • More evolved

Plant Cells

  • Have cell wall
  • Have chloroplasts
  • Have a large central vacuole used for structure and shape (stores water)
  • No centrioles

Animal Cells

  • No cell wall
  • No chloroplasts
  • Can have vacuoles but they are used for storage and are smaller
  • Has centrioles which help in cell division