About Me

By: Cora Fitzgerald

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What makes me, ME!!

Born and raised on my family's ranch in Northeastern Wyoming. I went to school from K-12 at Moorcroft High School, where I was very active in everything and anything. I graduated in 2013 and now live and attend college in Sheridan, Wyoming. I do the Chadron Outreach program there. My family is my everything and being a cowgirl is my life.

What Am I Doing??

I ma studying Elementary Education and Special Education, with a minor in Coaching. I would love to be able to teach grades 3rd-8th but actually enjoy all. I sub while going to college and have got a lot of experience and really enjoy it. I sub about 4-5 days a week kindergarten to high school. I also help with many bible camps, during the summer. and summer school.


I am a TWIN! I have a twin brother who's name is Cole. And we were raised by my AMAZING grandparents.
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