Ms. Dobbins' Prekindergarten Class

Weekly Newsletter: November 18-22

CARE ISD Annual Food Drive November 18-22

CARE ISD begins its annual food drive next Monday November 18th! Kindly send one or two canned food items with your child any day next week to put in the receptacle located at the entrance of the school (as seen in the picture to the right). Principal Jones will take the donations to the Salvation Army of Greater Houston after school on Friday November 22nd, so please send donations before the end of the week.

Math: Ordering Objects According to Height

Students will learn how to correctly order objects according to height during class next week (TEKS: V.D.1). I encourage parents to introduce their children to vocabulary such as hill, slope, and staircase because knowledge of these words will be useful during next week's lesson.

ELA: Rhyming

By the end of next week students will be able to produce a word that rhymes with a given word (TEKS: III.B.6). Please participate in rhyming with your children through a few reading short rhyming books or singing a few short rhyming songs in preparation for next week's lesson. Feel free to watch the video below with your student and have fun rhyming together!

Rhyme Time (From Hooked on Phonics)

Social Studies: Roles and Responsibilities of Community Workers

I ask parents to volunteer their time to visit the classroom next Thursday November 21 to discuss their jobs and responsibilities as it relates to the community (TEKS: VII.B.3). All parents are invited to volunteer and occupation titles are not an issue. Please contact Ms. Dobbins to confirm your volunteer status or for further clarification and questions.