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Ya Ali Madad Parents, Teachers and Student Council:


Student Led Parent Teacher Conference (SLC)

Katy REC will hold Student Led Conference (SLC) on Saturday, February 20. This will be the only SLC of the school year. During the conference, students will explain to their parents a concept that they have learned in REC. Parents will have the opportunity to meet their child's teacher and discuss their child's progress. Teachers will also explain the objectives for the remainder of the academic year and address any questions or concerns that parents may have. Please click on the link below to sign up for a time slot for the conference. We look forward to seeing all parents on February 20!


PCJ Month 6 is due Saturday, February 13th!

Grade 1 (pages 26-27)
Grade 2 (pages 30-33)
Grade 3 (pages 34-39)
Grade 4 (Pages 44-51)
Grade 5 (pages 52-57)
Grade 6 (pages 36-41)

Attendance Matters.......Help Us Achieve Our 90% Attendance Goal

Parents, please continue to bring your child to REC every Saturday!

If Katy REC achieves at least 90% attendance at SLC, we will host a movie night for all students on a date to be determined.

If you know your child will be absent and/or tardy due to an extracurricular activity, travel, or other prior obligation, please inform Katy REC Management by emailing KatyRECMgmt@gmail.com. Per ITREB guidance, all parents of absent students will receive a phone call to obtain a reason for the absence. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Quick reminder:
Primary Timings: 3:30pm to 6:30pm
PrePrimary Timings: 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Please make sure students are coming before class starts and staying for the entire duration of REC. It is crucial that students are getting as much Talim as possible.

Mark Your Calendars.

  • Feb 13th - PCJ Month 6 Due
  • Feb 20th - Student Led Parent Teacher Conference
  • March 19th - Spring Break (Classes Closed)
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Contact us for any questions or concerns:

If you would like to volunteer your time to Katy REC, please contact us at: