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The country of Ghana was founded on March 6, 1957 but it was declared a republic ion July 1, 1960, also the current constitution was on April 28, 1992/

History before the Europeans:

Movements toward political freedom began after WWII. The first Europeans arrived in Ghana in the late 15th century. It took decades to end the trade in slaves. In 1956 the new assembly passed a motion authorizing the government to request independence within the British commonwealth.
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European Colonization:

Gold Coast was a British colony on the Gulf of Guinea in west Africa that became the independent nation of Ghana in 1957.

Current Leader:

John Dramani Mahama is a Ghanaian politician who has been President of Ghana since July 2012.

Michael Essien

a famous soccer player from Ghana who now plays for Real Madrid. Michael is a midfielder and he has a mass amount of energy for both offense and defense. He is known for his rough tackling style of playing which is why he earned the nickname "the bison"

Harry Aikines-Aryeetey

He is an English runner of Ghanaian descent. He is a sprinter and his personal bests are:

100m: 10.10

200m: 20.46

Places to visit in Ghana, Africa

Cape Coast Castle

Many castles were built in the 17th century by European people in Ghana, Africa. The Cape Coast Castle was built for the slave-trade.

Mole National Park

Mole National Park is Ghana's largest wildlife park. In Mole you can expect to see buffalo, roam antelope, elephants, warthogs, hyenas, lions, and if you are lucky you might even see a leopard.

Ethnic Groups:

Akan 45.3%, Mole-Dagbon 15.2%, Ewe 11.7%, Ga-Dangme 7.3%, Guan 4%, Gurma 3.6%, Grusi 2.6%, Mande-Busanga 1%, other tribes 1.4%, other 7.8% (2000 census)

Other Facts About Ghana:


tropical along coast, becoming cooler inland at higher elevations; tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands


Christian 68.8% (Pentecostal/Charismatic 24.1%, Protestant 18.6%, Catholic 15.1%, other 11%), Muslim 15.9%, traditional 8.5%, other 0.7%, none 6.1% (2000 census)

Type Of Governtment:

constitutional government.

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