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February 9th, 2016

Website of the Week: Noisli


Want your students to listen to something to help them focus or relax while working? Check out Noisli! It can be used as a website or a chrome extension for quick use for students or teachers!

Students can listen to a variety of different sounds such as rain, forest, coffee shop, thunderstorm, etc. They can create their own sounds or listen to suggested ones based on what they need accomplished (productivity, relaxation, etc.)

I could see this being beneficial when:

  • Students are in the Focus Room (or anywhere) and need to calm down
  • Students want to silent read during guided reading but are distracted by the teacher's small group
  • Students need to focus on work and would like to drown out any noise in the classroom
Noisli: App Review
This is a website to help students work on their writing in a fun way! Students pick a genre, grade level, and then spin the wheel to reveal what to write. They then have to pick what type of writing format to write in: letter, postcard, etc. In addition, they can draw a picture to go with their writing. A great way to differentiate in the class and get students writing about different genres. There is a teacher's guide to get you going if you need it!

How Could You Use This?:

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