Leadership Skills With Gamification

Improve Your Leadership Skills With Gamification

Leadership games are making the jump into mainstream training and skill testing. By definition, gamification is using the application of gaming elements such as point scoring, competition, play guides, in other areas of activity such as online marketing, production presentation and application, and also to the leadership arena. The field itself is wide open for companies like Indusgeeks to use a gaming platform to engage up and coming leaders globally and to train them to succeed.

According to Gallup, only 30% of individuals are engaged at work. It is becoming more and more problematic to have employees not involved in their daily work activities, but to incorporate leadership into motivating employees. Leadership gaming has shown a way in which leaders learn new ways to stimulate employees, fully connecting to them in ways not possible before.

Indusgeeks has designed a way to control the influence companies have on clients, compete with other leaders around the world, and role play in various scenarios to reach a desired customized result. Lead Ready is Indusgeeks 3D immersive leadership program that uses real-life scenarios and gaming techniques to reach those high potential, organizational leaders and motivate them. Lead Ready’s cloud based and multiplatform features allow for on and off site installation with measurable metrics that allow charting of organizational growth and behavior change within a company. Using immersive techniques allows for the potentials to not only have interactive but engaged learning as well. The modules can be easily customized to meet the needs of the client on Instructor-Led Training, Peer-to-Peer Training, as well as Self-Paced Learning Modules.

Indusgeeks’ case study, was Infosys. Infosys faced a number of challenges, including keeping training costs low, improving retention and engagement of leaders, matching learning modules to goals, and being able to reach a broad and diverse workforce – not only across departments but across the globe. Using three different strategies, they were able to get the results they wanted.

Infosys used self-paced teaching which allows the user to work at their pace to accomplish the goals. Instructor-led training allowed the education to reach students across the globe using proprietary multi-user technology and utilizing role playing to accomplish the lessons. Peer-to-Peer technology allowed for competition and co-operative social games using the same proprietary technology. The content reflected what Infosys wanted from gamification as well as being able to process analytics, administration, and most importantly, feedback from active players to help with the testing and evaluation. Even more fascinating was players did not need to be attached to a desk in order to use the technology as it was also provided on a mobile basis.

What Infosys found out was that they were able to drastically save costs when it came to training by almost 75% as well as a 45% reduction in disruption of core business tasks while they were learning. Though the results are ongoing currently, being able to customize the modules based on custom mapping they were able to retain more employees and the employees were more efficient in what their work load.

Leadership games are a relatively new way to use gaming techniques to teach leaders and companies in a way in which will lower costs, increase employee retention, and engage more employees. This leads to employees enjoying their work load more, but also growing into leadership roles in the very companies they were not engaged in previously. This is a goal that Indusgeeks is striving to communicate with companies globally to make a difference for the next generation of leaders.