Domion Elizalde


airfare cost and schedule

Airfare cost:$12,026 per person and so it would be $24,052 with two passengers to Venice.We would be riding in first class so food would be expensive but free beverages would be served.We would first depart on Saturday at 5:25 and land in Frankfurt am Main,Germany to transition planes and head out to Venice,Italy.It would be a convenient to bring a book or something else.


The Gritti Palace is a five star hotel where i will be staying there with someone and it would cost $3,541 per night to stay.I would of liked a pool there but still as a body of water if you look out the balcony to still see a canal of rowing boats.The good thing is like its being comfortable at home but still enjoying a vacation, especially with the internet and WiFi being accessible.

Enough about what I like but what everyone like.lets start with the room service and the concierge.Both are nice and very generous.The food is great and the people got every single detail about the place implanted in my mind.But the relaxation that you get with the spa and after a little restaurant stop that's in the hotel!Overall this hotel is something that can add to a vacation.

When I compared prices with and it cost had 200 dollars more for rooms and Expedia had 300 more dollars than kayak.,Italy-c8997/2014-04-15/2014-05-22/2guests


My reason for going to Venice was to go see the real heart of a city that is vast in color and drenched with history and amazing places.One of the best ways to do that is to not sit and eat and go onto the beaches but to find the fascinating things about a city,and it's to dig deeper. That's why I wanted to see the museum where history is shown, and art galleries to show what kind of people had saw the city in a different way and its true beauty.

I never wanted to see the things where everyone has visit like the Eiffel tower but to find something new and original in a city of pure culture.So whats better then to not go to a religious site and even have a tour of one of Venice's most religious site that can give a tour of their beliefs,and I'm talking about the Basilica Di San Marco.Or a art gallery to show the things people there would paint and see a lot of these in the Ca'd'Oro Gallery.Or maybe just to have fun in a old palace that is now a casino but still gives a tour of this old sight.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Having problems during a vacation is common but solutions to them are not. That's why I will tell about problems of each step I take.Getting bored on a plane is common and if your not a book person then here are some things you can do.Read plane given magazines,play on smartphone on airplane mode,listen to music with earphones,or just take a nap.

Finally your in your hotel,but you never planned for transportation and you don't want to walk.Here's a good way to get around and have a great time,water taxi.Its a canoe that goes down a canal which can pay for how ever long you want to stay and you can drooped off at anytime.

What if you don't know your way to any places,well going online or asking someone of a place they know about private transportation is a good idea. Because private transportation like a tour bus will give you the most of the place and faster.


While I could of went to more popular places I choose one that is more appealing on the inside than outside.While I Itinerary my vacation I got to have a nice and open plane for me to relax in, and I have a reservation for my hotel and so it makes it easier for me to knowing I have a big step took-en out of the hard part.Since I did plan my trip I knew all of my activities and found some suggestions for my trip to make it even greater.Like how walking is a good way to look at the city more close and find out more things about it.But also how the museums and galleries are fascinating and are really cool to look at.Even though modern places are breath taking, old fashion places are too.