Department Updates




  • Number of raises for the cycle- 130
  • Number of matches- 15

Events conducted :

  • ExTra 1.0 which was conducted for the summer and winter EPs to give closure for the summer EPs and a welcome to the winter EPs. Recruitment were announced during this event.
  • IS was held which saw 50 people who attended.



  • GE newsletter has been prepared to send to leads and their parents.
  • 21 leads and CVs in hand to start matching soon for GE.
  • 4 CVs in hand and 3 pipelines for GTS.


  • Corporate carnival organized to create brand and raise awareness for GT.
  • IS planned for existing leads


  • 2 cvs of GE pushed out to ukraine . 2 cvs for GTS . Looking at matching Vietnam and Egypt .


  • GTO AIESEC booklets for TNs, business cards designed and printed.
  • Market research is done with deep understanding of global and local market . 3 clients have been approached with very good AIESEC knowledge and 5 more clients are in market segregation research.


  • Started HUBspot for GV and GTS.
  • 3 campaigns (DC marketing campaign, Boarding pass campaign,online campaigns).
  • Going to start EP video series.
  • Branding on Instagram and other social network sites.


  • New FO-BO financial tracking system
  • 100% recon cleared
  • More than 1 lakh investments made.
  • Financial campaign 'Ik Junoon' for local conference


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RYLC, something which I just heard. Something which is life changing for people.

I wondered, what could it be. Applying for the faci was probably something I wasn't sure about but it was one of the really amazing decisions I made. Being a FACILITATOR for the Regional Youth Leadership Conference is an experience that matters. Learning how to deliver content. Learning about tribes.

Handling my tribe.

Being a leader.

Leading by example.

Creating a change.

Impacting lives.

This is what RYLC was for me.

Rishabh Bhatt

I was there to change, influence other lives and deliver a beautiful experience, but now, that it’s over, I realize how much it has impacted me, in those six days I met people, from whom I learnt so much, made friends, who would do anything for me.

When we started we wanted to change how people perceive an OC (as labours) we wanted to be different and when it ended we were different we were not the labourers who set up the plen we were the artists who created it.

I believe I will never forget this beautiful experience and the people who helped shape it.

I miss you, you guys. But no regrets because I know we will meet again.



Aditya Murli

RYLC taught me what AIESEC truly is. It's more than just sending people on exchanges. It's about being yourself and being a leader. My tribe mentor was one person who influenced me the most in that aspect, he was kind, humble and made the tribe function as one cohesive unit and helped us bond well.

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Picture abhi baaki hai meri dost.!!!!

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Aniket Lunker for his excellent contribution to the department. For taking initiative without being asked to, for feeling a sense of accountability to the organisation and going out of his way to do things for the EPs assigned to him. Congratulations to Aniket for balancing out both raising and CRM work and putting in excellent efforts.