Spring PARCC Testing


Test Administrator Manual

Test Administrator Manuals (you will get a hard copy)

1. Follow the screenshots to login to the trainings.

2. Which Trainings Do I Need to Complete?

Login here with your bradleyschools.com email

  • INTRODUCTION TO PARCC TRAINING MODULE- Length: 8 minutes 37 seconds

    Length: 31 minutes 51 seconds

On to the Testing Sessions!

3. Student Testing Materials

  • Students can have scratch paper and pencil
  • Headphones for ELA sessions
  • A book to read quietly after testing
  • Approved PARCC calculator (if applicable)
  • Online computer

4. Students- Login to computer

1. Please use the username and password below for students to log into computers when they are taking the test.

Username – parcc

PW – PARcc357

2. Click the blue/ white PEARSON app symbol to login. (TEST NAV APP)

3. You may need to use the screen shots below on step 5 to switch from practice to LIVE.

5. Students- Login to PARCC testing app

Please use the following screenshots to make sure students are logging into the REAL testing site. (not the practice site).

6. Student Testing Ticket

Big image
  • Student user name and password is on the student ticket. Each student will receive one ticket for the ELA sessions and one ticket for the MATH sessions.

  • Use the ticket(s) to indicate if a student needs to complete a session and mark the absent date. Cross off the session when the student has made up the test session(s).

  • These will be collected at the end of testing.

PARCC Schedule

Prinicpals will have a detailed schedule per building.
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