Winding Down

May 15, 2019

Family Literacy Night - Writers' Workshop

During Family Literacy Night, students were invited to help build a story within their grade, by adding one sentence to what was already written. Each grade had the same “starter” sentence, and the kids took it from there.

After due consideration, it was determined that the best story was put together by the first graders. It showed tremendous creativity, interesting details, and a total absence of licensed or trademarked characters. For their efforts, the grade level was rewarded with ice cream sandwiches.

An honorable mention goes out to Jacob Rheaume, the only participant from third grade, who crafted what I believe to be one of the finest openings in all of literature, and as such remains a tragically missed opportunity for epic prose. He received a $5 gift card to Mom and Pop’s Ice Cream Shop.

And now, the stories.

(Note that each sentence is one contribution and I have corrected various misspellings and such, though punctuation is generally left intact, and some stories obviously are left abruptly in assumption of a following contributor).


It started out as a normal day in kindergarten, but then something strange happened.

There was a flood.

It washed Ms. Martinez and Ms. Leonhardi down the hall.

It washed the students out to the playground.

Everything was very wet.

So there was no more school for the year!


It started out as a normal day in first grade, but then something strange happened.

The teacher was gone!!

The board had a message on it.

It said “Go to the media center.”

And they all went and to their surprise there was the scariest teacher of all!

She took them to a dungeon in her home.

She fed them bird food and fingernails and they died!

To be continued.

Right here.

They then came alive as zombies.



It started out as a normal day in second grade, but then something strange happened.

A giant blizzard crashed through the ceiling of the classroom!

Mrs. Wannarka and Mr. Willette walked in wearing snow gear as if they knew about it.

The students started making snow angels and throwing snowballs at each other.

We took parts of snowmen for a snowball fight.

I love Jefferson a lot!

The sun came up and melted all the snow.

Then I moved to summer and we went to a summer camp.

At the summer camp we got sorted into cabins.

The cabins were sorted by girls and boys.


It started out as a normal day in third grade, but then something strange happened.

Mr. Malay grew hair, all the way down to his ankles!


It started out as a normal day in fourth grade, but then something strange happened.

I went to media and I picked up a book and opened the cover and the book sucked me in!

There were people in robes and wands!

I asked someone what was happening and they shouted “Where’s your robe and wand?”

Why do I need a robe and wand, this is so strange.

Then someone came over and flicked their wand at me.

Suddenly I was in a robe, and she said, “Go over to the wand shop.”

“Pick out your wand then go to the National Magic Academy Headquarters.”

“OK,” I said as I head over to the wand shop.

It’s filled with many boxes.

Then I choose a green blue purple box.

But they were $1 million—how could I afford it?

Just then a witch came in, she held out a bag with gold coins in it, “this is magic money use it to buy your wand.”

I didn’t quite trust the witch right away until she used some herself.


It started out as a normal day in fifth grade, but then something strange happened.

The fire alarm went off but there was no fire?

Soon we were being herded out of the classes by the teachers.

I ran out to the playground but everything is crazily on fire.

I started to scream.

The fire trucks came.

They used the hose but the water didn’t work!

All of a sudden the school burst into flames as the FBI hopped out of a helicopter.

They said that there was actually an attempted murder.

But no one really knows.

Dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!!

Then Daffy Duck comes out of the school and says “I just got married to Bugs Bunny!”

Then he dies from the heat.

I faint from lack of water onto the ground.

When I come to, I am face to face with Harry Potter who is dressed for a quidditch match.

What is going on!

Harry Potter wanted to have a wedding of his own.

He kept asking every girl he sees to go out with him.


Submitted by: Mr. Jason Glaser

Annual Spring Reminders


- Parents, please pay close attention to notes that come home about upcoming field trips and picnics for your children! May is our busiest month for these types of activities.


- Are you moving out of town over the summer OR transferring to another District 77 school? If so, please notify the Jefferson office as soon as possible.


- Remember, attendance exceptions are good for one school year, and families must reapply each year.

- Attendance exceptions for daycare are only accepted through grade five. When students enter sixth grade, families should expect they will attend their neighborhood school. Families living within the East boundaries attend Prairie Winds Middle School, and families living within the West boundaries attend Dakota Meadow Middle School. If you are unsure of the neighborhood school boundaries, you can always visit Central Registration at

10 Civic Center Plaza.

Meeting JAGS Expectations - Outside of School

Now that the weather is warmer, children are more active before and after school. This means that our children at the bus stop are moving around/playing more, and they are walking or biking to school in greater numbers.

Please talk with your child(ren) about the importance of practicing good citizenship by respecting the property of others. Staying on the sidewalk and off yards, flower beds, and other areas that belong to area residents is an important part of being a good neighbor and responsible citizen.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to have this important conversation.

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