Child Development

Biological and physical changes that occur in human beings.

Toddlers and Infants

During this stage which is also called the Sensorimotor stage infants from from birth to 2 years old seem to experience the world through senses and actions. They seem to learn because of the bad or either good response of there choice of actions. Infants learn different and quicker in there own unique way!
Developmental Milestones- Infants

Early Childhood

When children begin to grow and develop in a sequence of physical,cognitive, and emotional growth and change.
How I Learn - Child Development Milestones

Child Care

Facts about Child care

High quality child care can be a positive influence on child's development and have them school readiness by providing valuable educational and social experiences. The more good positive influences are in a child's life the better they will become on daily bases.

Social Cognition

Often called emotional intelligence which related to a child's environment and hoe it effects the development. A child with social cognitive skills develop a stronger language ability which make them better communicators.