Wind Mill

Who invented the Wind Mill

  • Machinist in Connecticut named Daniel Halladay
  • Moved his factory to Illinois in 1854
  • Later named his company "the U.S. Wind Engine & Pump Co."
  • Became largest manufacturer of windmills in America

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Wood Windmills

  • Did not hold up well
  • Lacked high pumping capacity
  • Couldn't lift water to high elevations

American West Before water pumping windmills

  • Well suited for raising livestock
  • No access to a supply of water

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Improving design: Making water pumping windmills

  • 30 years later water pumping windmills were created
  • Made of iron & steel
  • Became very unpopular because of the expense
  • Later on only metal windmills offered for sale

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2011 marks the 156th anniversary, of the first commercially successful self-controlled windmill in America.

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How Wind Mills evolve today

Today windmills are used mostly to irrigate, water livestock, and aerate ponds.