Sea Nymph

Calypso was a sea nymph that lived on the island of Ogygia. According to most sources her father was Atlas, a titan god. There were some speculations about who her mother was, but for the most part she was unknown. Calypso's island is described as being a lovely place with forests, gardens, and meadows filled with flowers. Odysseus's ship wrecked nearby and Calypso kindly welcomed him. She soon fell in love with him and he stayed on her island for seven years, until the gods demanded she let him go. She was so lonely and desperate to keep him that she offered him immortality to stay with her. He refused, so she helped him build a raft and sent him off. Some say she committed suicide because she was so distraught from losing him.

Extra Information

  • Some thought Calypso and Odysseus had children together- Nausinous and Nausithous. Some sources also mention another son, Latinus.
  • She wore a long silvery shawl, a golden belt, and a veil over her head.
  • The word Calypso in Greek means "to conceal."
  • She is both a negative symbol and a positive symbol in Greek mythology.

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