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Week of April 13, 2015

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you had a great week with a perfect weekend ending! 2MU was certainly busy this week enjoying many fun-filled lessons and activities. Please read on to learn more!


  • We read Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend, learning more about character traits ~analyzing a characters words, actions, and thoughts.
  • We learned about homophones, discovering that a sentence's context clues can help us determine word meaning and ultimately the correct spelling of the homophone.
  • We learned more about idioms! Our grins were a mile wide once we discovered so many interesting idioms.
  • We learned about subject-verb agreement. To help reinforce the skill, the students matched the subject part of a sentence strip with the correct predicate part of the sentence understanding the singular nouns have verbs that end in -s and plural nouns have verbs that do NOT end in -s. The children matched their cards correctly the first round...then, we had some fun making silly sentences. See photos below!


  • During Writer's workshop, we focused on recalling and learning more about the key elements of a Small Moment story.
  • We completed activities using the Smart Board to "Show, Don't Tell."
  • As writer's we looked closely at authors' word usage to determine the emotions the character portrays.


  • During Math, we continued learning more about measurement, including square inches and square square centimeters.


  • We observed soil and noticed many interesting items hidden in soil. For example, the students found leaves, twigs, grubs, dead bugs, rocks, and bones.
  • The WORMS arrived! After collecting food and plant matter, the children were able to make their bags to learn more about composting. The students worked with a partner to gather soil, then add several worms (Thank you to Mrs. Bean for distributing the worms to partner groups! ~I do NOT do bugs, I do children...2MU thought that was pretty funny!), and finally, add food and plant matter. Over the next 5 weeks, we will observe the soil and discover the worms will create a rich compost! Stay tuned...


  • The student body attended a "Feel the Power" Assembly learning how to stand up for ourselves and being a hero to others. We also witnessed some amazing feats of strength.
  • We made kites as described in Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend ~ adding three wishes to our kite tails.

Feel the Power Assembly

Making Compost Bags with Freshly Delivered Worms!

Partner Reading While Practicing "Self-Correcting"

Subject-Verb Agreement Activity & Making Silly Sentences

Making Kites with Wish Tails

Checking In on Our Compost Bags

Star Student of the Week~ Bella Ware

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