What Google is

By Ethan Aggor

Who created Google

Larry Page (on the left) and Sergey Brin (on the right) founded Google. They were PhD students in Stanford University.

Why and when did they create Google?

Larry and Sergey were trying to get a PhD and then they thought of making a new search engine. Google was created September 4th 1998.
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How was Google created?

At first, Larry and Sergey named this new search engine BackRub, but they decided to name it Google after changing the name Backrub and misspelling Google instead of googol. Google was also programmed with the programming languages Java, C++, Python, and a few other programming languages.

Was Google the first search engine?

No, it was not, in fact, there were more than 10 search engines before Google.
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Did Google create any products or apps?

Yes they did, Google created many products like phones, tablets, and laptops. Google also created many helpful apps such as, maps, documents, and calender

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