Paws to Read

David J.

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Why I chose this quote.

I chose this quote because whenever I go on a vacation in the car or even on a plane I take a book to read. Even on a 3 minute drive I take a book to read. I love reading.

About Me

I'm David and I do teakwondo, like to draw a lot and like to make stuff out of paper. About reading I used to not like reading that much reading. Then I started reading a lot and started going to the library more often to get more books and know I love reading. The genres I like reading are mystery, action and adventure and fiction.

10 things about my Reading

1. I like reading whenever wherever

2. I don't like to stop reading

3. I hate cliff hangers

4. I don't like using bookmarks

5. I like action and adventure

6. I like science fiction

7. I like mystery books

8. I like folding my pages

9. I also like reading non fiction about WW2

10. I am a avid reader

Song Now Playing

I like books with suspense, action and lots of adventure I don't like boring books or else I will drop the book.
John Williams - Star Wars Main Theme (Full)

My Interests and favorites


  • Rick Riordan ( Hero's of Olympus)
  • James Dashner (Maze Runner)
  • Roland Smith ( Tentacles )
  • Brandon Sanderson ( Steelheart )
  • Christopher Paolini ( Eragon )
  • Jennifer Neilson ( False Prince )
  • J.K. Rowlings ( Harry Potter )
  • JRR Tolkien ( Lord of the Rings )
  • Arthur Conan Doyle ( Sherlock Holmes )
  • Franklin Dixon ( Hardy Boys )

Latest Blog

Last book I read was Steelheart which was the best book it was about this person named David and him joining this group called the Reckoners and fighting against Epics, people with supernatural powers
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Book I am reading

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Where to go to find more books

Novelist is a good place to find book and also to find books that are related to it too.
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