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The sphinx and the pyramid of Khafra is finally done. After years of construction the projects are done and they look amazing. The gold topped limestone pyramid has a fresh and new look that has really modernized Egypt, but the sphinx really ties it together. The half lion half Khafra protects the pyramid so that Khafra can rest peacefully.
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Breaking News

Camel Egyptian Pharaoh has won the annual Memphis Derby. He beat out Khafracer by only 2 seconds. We check in with rider Victor Esphinxoza to see what he thought about the race. “Egyptian Pharaoh just wanted to win today and he just got over the hump.” Esphinxoza said. This is me, Akhadara Fudrala, your Pyramid Post #1 reporter.

Talk to Khafra

Have you ever wanted to handle your problems in a royal way? Well now you can!!! With the low price of 5 gold coins you can consult you amazing King Khafra and personally get to know him over multiple social networking accounts. Send your gold to the king first and then King Khafra will contact you with in one of the sites below.

Slaves for Sale!!!!!!

It has finally happened the slaves have gone 50% off. Khufu has never done this since he was so evil but, now he has died and his son Khafra has stepped to the throne and everyone thought he was evil but, apparently not. Everyone is rushing to get one since there going for so low so, If you haven’t got one now is the time to get one at 2471 Southeast Thebes... Hurry!!!

Pharaoh Stats

King Khafra has had a bold appearance to his time in the throne. He has changed Egypt In many ways since he took the throne for 26 years. It is sad to not have him with us, but let’s check in on his career stats.

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The stock market has gone way up high since 2649 B.C. for Oil Incorporation ™ Let’s check out their stocks

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Royal Riddles

Khafra Day

Saturday, Sep. 30th 2654 at 11:45am

At the Palace