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Monday, May 13th: Field Trip: The Frontier Flight Museum (STAAR Testing 3rd & 4th Grade)


Tuesday, May 14th:Field Trip: SEA Life Aquarium-Grapevine (STAAR Testing 3rd & 4th Grade)


Wednesday, May 15th: Field Trip: LEGO Land-Grapevine


Thursday, May 16th: Field Trip: Fort Worth Zoo


Friday, May 17th: LSLA Field Day/ Lost & Found Removed from LSLA

*Wear the 2019 FIELD DAY T-SHIRT with ANY TYPE of SHORTS!*

Tuesday, May 21st: MAPs Testing (Reading)

Wednesday, May 22nd: MAPs Testing (Math)

Friday, May 24th: NO SCHOOL

Monday, May 27th: NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, May 28th: Kindergarten Assembly (1:30-3:00pm)

Wednesday, May 29th: 1st Grade Assembly

Thursday, May 30th: 2nd Grade Assembly, 3rd Grade Assembly and 4th Grade Assembly

Friday, May 31st: Last Day of School!

STAAR Testing:

A friendly reminder for parents to avoid making doctor appointments if possible during the weeks of STAAR testing, May 13th-14th. Test security protocol does not allow parents or visitors to enter the building on those days. Thank you for your understanding and support!


  • On STAAR testing dates, one of our main priorities is to provide a calm and quiet environment for all of our LSLA Eagles who are taking part in these assessments.
  • No tutoring or after-school clubs on actual testing dates.

To Do List:

  • Students should get a good night’s rest, at least a full 8 hours of sleep
  • Eat a good, nutritious, high-protein breakfast
  • Bring a bottle of water
  • Arrive at school before 7:45 am to unpack, get settled and not feel rushed
  • Wear something comfortable – bring a jacket just in case the room is cool
  • Have an “I can do it!” attitude
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There are a lot of things that are currently in the school's Lost & Found. Items that are found around the school and playground are placed in the Lost & Found located in the Main Office. If your child has lost something, please have them check the Lost & Found. Unclaimed items will be removed and donated to local organizations on May 17th.

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In order to maintain current and accurate registration records, we are requiring that ALL students planning to attend LSLA during the 2019-2020 school year provide a new copy of proof of residency.

Q: What proof of residency documents will be accepted?

  • If you rent:

    • Natural gas or electricity bill. It must show dates of service between April, May, June, July, or August of 2019.

    • Original lease agreement (or approved certificate of eligibility to enroll form- notarized). Please note: You will be asked to provide a new lease when the current one expires.

  • If you own your home:

    • Natural gas or electricity bill. It must show dates of service between April, May, June, July, or August of 2019.

Q: What is the window of time for providing these documents?

  • Documents will be accepted now through Tuesday, August 6, 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Carrera, at pcarrera@lonestartx.org.

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LSLA Summer Camp

We are looking forward to an exciting program filled with opportunities for fun, learning, exploration, and growth!

LSLA Summer Camp is a safe place where your child can develop new skills and build long lasting friendships.

Please stay in touch and let us know of any questions, comments, or concerns throughout the summer.

See you at camp!

Camp Director, Ms. Amy Carrera


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Occupational Therapy Corner

If your child has trouble with letter sizing, try coloring some visuals on the paper to help!

Tall letters touch the sky (blue line),

Short letters only reach the grass (green line),

And descending letters dig into the ground (brown line).

A picture on the side of the ground, grass, and sky may also help.

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Join the LSLA PTO

We are excited to announce our first official meeting was a success! If you are interested in joining the PTO you can pay for your membership online for $27 or by cash or check for $25. You can now also donate money to the PTO by adding LSLA PTO to your Amazon account. Here are some helpful links:

Click here to join the parent facebook group!

A parent community for parents to learn more about the families at LSLA.

Click here to check out the LSLA Facebook Page

The purpose of our facebook page: ● To communicate information with our families. ● Highlight and celebrate the great things occurring at LSLA

About Lone Star Language Academy

The mission of the Lone Star Language Academy is to provide every student an innovative 21st Century learning experience in an environment that is supported by rigorous and engaging instruction and language acquisition that connects to every child's life experiences.