Responsibility in Frankenstein

Text by Mary Shelley

Responsibility as seen in Frankenstein

Throughout Frankenstein, author Mary Shelley provides the readers with many examples of the idea of responsibility. Throughout the novel, Victor and the creature are responsible for actions in the text, but fail to do anything about it.

(Make sure quotes are throughout the book, not just confined to a few chapters)

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Responsibility in Life

In School

In a recent article by Edutopia magazine, staffers offer tips for students about responsibility in today's world. The article explains that family, students, schools and policymakers have the biggest influence on student success. ("Equation of Success: Top Ten Responsibilities That Students Must Own.") Here are ten tips from the article.

1. Be your own advocate.

2. Ask lots of questions.

3. Communicate your struggles to your teachers.

4. Think of school as your office in training. Are you a good co-worker?

5. Dress for success.

6. At least do the minimum so you aren't creating gaps that are harder to bridge later.

7. Sweat a little!

8. Find ways to relate to your reading and writing.

9. Be in class - don't jeopardize your own training.

10. Surround yourself with those who can help you.

In Life

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