Ethos Examples

WWYD Annotated Bibliography

Example #1

"Joining us in our New York bureau to discuss cheating is Professor Don McCabe, founding president of the Center for Academic Integrity, based at Duke University. Mr. McCabe has surveyed over 15,000 students on the topic of cheating and he's also a professor of management studies at Rutgers University."(JUAN WILLIAMS-NPR, 4)

The host of the radio show takes time to build the guests ethos before he begins the talk, she does this so the listeners of the show will respect and trust the professor more. The host builds ethos by citing the work history of the professor and his history studying the subject being discussed.

Example #2

"Because I will not jump with common spirits

And rank me with the barbarous multitudes.

Why, then to thee, thou silver treasure-house"(Act 2, Scene 9, page 2)

Here Antonio is building up his own ethos by stating how he is unlike the common man, and how he is special. He wants her to know that he is not barbaric like the other suitors, and therefore he should be the one to marry her.