Monster Mash

$1.00 per Jumbo Bag

Creamy Chocolate Balls!

Aren’t you people TIRED of the same old chocolate, Well I am!! This is the brand new candy that mashes in your mouth. It is the candy that babies will be crying for IT'S THAT GOOD!! There is carmel in the middle and chocolate on the outside shaped as a ball. After one Monster Mash you’re going to want more. There are a bunch of candies in one package. Even your great grandmother will crave them. Now that makes me want some!! These things are so cheap they are only $1.00 for a jumbo bag. Isn’t that great! It is a crunchy candy, it is room temperature, it smells like beloved chocolate, it melts in your mouth, feels like a soft pillow. This amazing candy will be in stores November 6, 2013. I Bet you can’t wait to go buy a bag of Monster Mash!