3rd Grade Newsletter

Boone Meadow Elementary - Mr. Noel's Class

Homework This Week

Dear Parents & Students:

Our homework is dependent on student need, please check your child's planner for complete details on assignments due this week.

Comparing and Contrasting Folktales

Last week we compared and contrasted folktales, here's a snapshot below of some of our work. Good job everyone!
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Cans for Crazy Hair Day

Dear Parents & Students,

The BME Student Council is sponsoring a canned food drive this week with Crazy Hair Day on Friday, February 5. Send in your canned goods and go crazy with your hair on Friday!

Congrats on recent Xtra Math & Math Magician Masters!

We have had a lot of students progressing through their math facts lately. Big shout outs to the most recent group of students!

Oliver - Multiplication & Division certificates

Cole - Addition certificate

Anu - Addition certificate

Sudhi - Subtraction certificate

Max - Subtraction certificate

3 students have passed all 57 of their math magician facts! Congratulations to Emmy, Sudhi, and Avrie!!!

Valentine's Day Fables Project

Dear Parents and Students,

Please check out the link below for more information on the upcoming Valentine's Day Fables Project due February 10th!

Valentine's Day Project Information

Valentine's Day Project Rubric