The Devil's Arithmetic

Aaron Keel, Core 4, 5/2/16

Hannah: A Character Alphabet

Hannah Stern

A: Accepting, She accepted her circumstance that she was in Poland now Not In New York.

B: Brave, She was brave because she had to stay in a box car for weeks with 100 people.

C: Complainer, She complains in the beginning of the book about going to her grandparents house because it will be boring.

D: Determined, She is determined to stay alive during the Concentration Camp.

E: Extreme, She had to go through extreme stuff in the box cars and in the camps.

F: Fascinated, She is fascinated by a lot of things such as her grandfather's tattoo and her family background.

G: Good, She shows that she has goodness in her when she knew that the German's were going to take them, but she chose to go on with her family instead of staying behind and hiding.

H: Harmless, She was harmless because she had no weapons and would get beat by the Germans if she did something bad.

I: Icky: She was icky after staying in the Concentration Camp wearing the same clothes that were dirty.

J: Joyless, She was joyless after she entered the boxcars and her life was controlled by the Germans.

K: Kind, She was kind to all of her family and friends.

L: Lawful, She followed all the rules at the Concentration Camp.

M: Mature, She was mature because she had to go days with little bites of food and she did not whine about it.

N: Nice, She was nice to her family, friends and the people she met along her trips in Germany.

O: Obedient, She was obedient to her parents when they made her go to the family Passover dinner at her grandparent's house.

P: Prisoner, She was a prisoner at the Concentration Camp

Q: Quiet, She was quiet in the boxcar and at night at the Concentration Camp.

R: Raging, She showed rage at what the Germans were doing to the Jews.

S: Survivor, She is a survivor because she lived through all the terrible stuff happening in the Concentration Camps and in her life.

T: Terrified, She is terrified when she is in the boxcar and one of the children dies.

U: Unique, She is unique because of her experiences and her family background.

V: Victorious, She is victorious because she did not die in the Concentration Camp.

W: Wise, She is wise because she makes choices that help her get out of the camp alive.

X: XII, She was twelve years old.

Y: Yellow, She had to wear the yellow star that all Jews had to wear.

Z: Zesty, She showed that she was zesty by the way she would pick on her younger brother Aaron.

Devil's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen