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March 14, 2016

Happy Pi Day!

This flyer contains:

  • Announcements--6th Grade Auditions!
  • Classroom updates
  • BCI in the House--March 20th
  • Popcorn Tribe: NEW MARCH AND MAY DATES
  • Huzzah Tribe: Calendar and Form


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Auditions: Stories Under the Big Top (6th Grade Only)

The information below & more may be found here:

Basic Info

  • Stories Under the Big Top is an exciting show in which circus performers act out well-known children's stories. More information and a script sample can be found here:
  • Auditions are OPTIONAL; it is not required for my class and it will not be graded in any way.
  • I will not be able to place every student who auditions or interviews.
  • Backstage crew interviews are the same time as auditions—just sign up for a time like the actors.
  • This production will take place completely after school.

Auditions and Interviews

  • Auditions will take place Tuesday, March 22nd from 4-6 and Wednesday, March 23 from 2:45-6:00.
  • Your student must sign up for a time after school to audition or interview. Auditions are scheduled for 10 minute intervals, so you may wait for your child. Two students may audition at a time.
  • If you can’t make the audition, let me know ASAP!
  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD AFTER SCHOOL IF HE OR SHE HAS TO WAIT LONGER THAN 30 MINUTES. That is, if your child has signed up for a time after 3:30, please pick them up after school. I can’t hold auditions and look after those waiting; I need them to be here only during their time. I promise to release them right at 10 minutes. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
  • Arrive at the doors by the cafeteria. Call my room if there is no one there, and I’ll come let you in!

Crew Positions

  • Stage Manager/Tech Director--essentially my assistant. Oversees other crews, takes notes for me, and manages backstage
  • Set Crew--helps build the set and change scenes during the run
  • Props Crew--helps gather and create all handheld items
  • Lights--designs the look and runs the board during the show
  • Sound--chooses sound effects and runs sound during the show
  • Hair/Makeup--designs the look and fixes the hair and makeup of actors

Audition Requirements:

  • GRADES COME FIRST. If this activity interferes with your academics, then this activity is not for you.
  • FORM: You must bring ALL of your scheduling conflicts and the audition form, filled out and signed. The form may be found here:
  • If you want an acting role, you must memorize the passage on the form.
  • Students wishing to be on crew do not need to memorize anything, but they do need to be prepared to answer questions regarding their problem-solving skills, responsibility, etc.


  • The first rehearsal will be Tuesday, March 29th from 2:45-4:00, with a parent meeting following from 4:00-4:30 pm. If you cannot make the parent meeting, I will make sure to get you all the information.
  • Rehearsals will generally take place Mondays-Thursdays from 2:45-4:00. There are a few exceptions. A tentative rehearsal calendar is posted on my website.
  • I expect each participant to be at all required rehearsals.


  • We have one after school performance scheduled for Friday, April 29th at 7:00pm.
  • In-school assemblies are scheduled for April 28th.
  • If you cannot attend the performance, you cannot be in the play.

Sixth Grade Classes

BCI Film Fest

  • I'm so proud of how the films turned out! You may bring me a flash drive for a copy of your students' video at any time. The montage may be found on my website under "Classes" and "Sixth Grade."
  • More photos from our day can be found on my Instagram:

Theatre History

  • We had a brief week of theatre history--our "even" day classes missed a day due to an assembly, but all classes were able to have a Greek Theatre Competition.
Ask your student:
  1. How many playwrights entered the competition?
  2. How many judges were there?
  3. How did Dionysus get a vote?


  • When we return from Spring Break, we will begin our Shakespeare unit. Forsooth, no one is more excited than I!

Fifth Grade Classes

Peter Pan

  • We have begun our Peter Pan journey! We learned a bit about the author, J.M. Barrie, and have read the first scene.

Ask your student:

  1. What tragedy happened in J.M. Barrie's childhood that may have affected the story?
  2. Who owns the rights to Peter Pan today?
  3. How did the audience know from the first scene that this story would be a fantasy, not reality?

BCI in the House


  • This is not required or expected--for fun only!
  • Guardians are responsible for their students PLUS the cost of admission. This is NOT a school-sponsored activity and no chaperons will be provided.
  • Content: Please be aware that some content may be geared towards older students. It is up to you to research each production to ensure you are comfortable with what your child will see.

Save the Dates--Plays:

Thursday, 4/14. 7:00pm. High School Musical. PHIS.

Save the Dates--Movies:

(Time TBD based on availability as dates get closer.)

Sunday, 4/17. TBD. The Jungle Book. Harkins Southlake Town Center.

Popcorn Tribe

Someday we'll find it--the rainbow connection.


Due to STAAR testing, our March date will change from 3/28 to APRIL 4th.

Due to a conflict in the gym, our May date will change from Monday, May 23rd to Tuesday, May 24th. Thanks!

Next meeting:

April 4th, 2:45-5:00.

The Muppet Movie.

We respectfully request that you be on time to pick up your students. Please remember you must meet our behavior expectations to remain in Popcorn Tribe.

Huzzah Tribe (5th Grade)

Huzzah Tribe is back!!

Applications will be due March 24th.

Information and the application can be found here:

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