Magnetic Therapy

How magnets are used for medical treatment.

What's Magnetic Therapy?

Magnetic therapy is the use of magnets to treat pain or injuries in patients, and most commonly used in hospitals. It's also believed that magnets can help with the treatment of cancer. Magnetic therapy is most commonly used in MRI's, pain relief, and cancer treatments. Although it helps treat cancer relying on magnetic therapy alone can result in complications.

Discovery of Magnetic Treatments

In the 16th century Paraclesus discovered that if blood contains iron magnets will be attracted to them helping to stimulate blood flow. In the 1970's Albert Roy Davis claimed that using magnets cured cancer in animals.

How the Magnets are Used

The magnets are put on or near the injured or diseased area of the body and sometimes connected to bracelets, accessories, or body wraps/bands. They help circulate the blood flow due to the negative magnetic fields released reacting to the iron in the blood.

Uses of Magnetic Therapy

Magnets are used to relieve pain such as arthritis and headaches, heal broken bones, gout, poison extraction, stress relief, stimulating blood flow and metabolism, decrease fatty deposits, stop baldness, and cure diseases. Cancer can't live in an environment with low acidity, the magnet removes the acid from the body making it harder for the infected cells to produce and thrive.