Revolution vs. Rotation

What's the difference?

Station Choice Board

Lewis Homeroom You should have completed 2 Stations by Friday, September 23rd.

You can complete them during 4 different science classes!

Drop boxes are in Learn when you are finished!

Izzo homeroom

You should complete Station 1 on Friday September 23rd and place in google.

You will submit 2 other stations before Friday September 30th

Then, you may

complete ONE Activity from the Dessert Station 5!

The Dessert station at the bottom is optional!

Station 1

Station 1 Double Bubble(20 pt) INDEPENDENT Videos/Diagram-Partner Option(Clock partner 1 or 2)


Watch AT least One Video on Rotation and One on Revolution from Discovery Ed!

You must watch this You tube video too!

SHOW WHAT YOU LEARN: Then complete a Bubble Map on Rotation and Reflection

After the video REvolution and Rotation comparing and contrasting these two words

Discovery Ed Videos for Revolution and Rotation

These are the videos you will see when you log into Discovery Ed.

Watch at least 2 of these!

Earth Simulators Station 2 &

Watch all of the simulators of the motion.

Use or you may type an explain what is happening to the Earth-

Make sure you include the word Revolution or Rotation in your explanation

Paste all your explanations into a document

Grading rubric

4pt-Science vocab used in each explanation

4 pt-At least 4 quality sentences or a clear, concise answers

2pt-Sentence formation and grammar

You have 3x 10 =30 pt total

Station 2 Interactive Station Interactive 3

Interactive Sites that are in Discovery for you to use:

Log into Discovery to see this in your assignments

Station3 Reading Station & Booklet(Independent or Clock partner 3)(50 pt)

Please Gather the reading article out of the FOLDER Mrs. Lewis asks you to in basket at the Hexagon Table(There are 2 articles, so please ask)

You may sit anywhere you want for this station and read alone or with a partner.

Reading Station Choice 1

Answer the comprehension questions with the reading.

Make sure you annotate your answers with post it notes.

Answer the ? on the pdf document below and dropbox!

Turn the article in the science bucket.

Reading choice 2

For the second reading choice, reading the article and work on Creating A Comic Strip in Comic Life, Google Draw, etc that shows at least 4-8 stages that occur in the Earth's Daily Rotation.


10 pt-At least 4 scenes are complete

10 pt-Creativity and color

20 pt-5 pt for each tile(information from article and Discovery using vocab)

10 pt-Pictures/info

Station 4 BOOKLET Symbaloo(Independent) 50pt

You may use any info in Discovery Ed Assignments

and the following links to help you Learn about the Earth Moon and Sun system.

Please fill in all the facts and drawings in the booklet.

Total 50 pt

Bonus Station 5

Recreate an Earth/Sun Simulation by using the models from Ms. Lewis in the tutor room

You will create a model showing the revolution of the Earth around the sun.

You will create an Educreations or i movie


Create an I movie with the Foam or blow up globes or any hands on materials you would like based on the text in this video that shows "Why we have seasons"