2018 Summer Reading Newsletter

From Victor Primary Library

Summer Reading is ESSENTIAL

The single home activity with the most impact on your child's academics is encouraging reading. Whether it's

  • bedtime read alouds,
  • pass-the-book shared reading,
  • a family book club,
  • a mini research project,
  • or independent reading,

your child's time with "eyes on text" is so important to maintaining the growth they made this school year. Please, expect reading this summer!


Keep summer reading fresh with a BINGO board! Print out 8 copies, then encourage your child to try to "win" a different 5-box line each week. This gives them some ideas to keep the experience unique. This board has been balanced for writing, listening, nonfiction, and reading widely. Click here for Mrs. Linse's BINGO!

Delightful Series!

A Little Easier...

A Little Harder

Fresh NEW Series


Myon is an ebook library where the children can read or listen to real books. Go to Myon.com and click "login". Start typing "victor" in the school name field but then select Victor Primary School off the pop-up box. Type in your child's last name and first initial as their username (no spaces). Their password is a little trickier... this is their student number followed by "Vcs" with a capital "V". Your child might know this password as it is the same one they type to login to the school network. Email Mrs. Linse if you need your child's password.

Want more ideas?

Please email Mrs. Linse for personal selections. On the Primary Library's school webpage, you'll see prior summer reading lists as well as some great websites students might enjoy using, like Pebble Go or Brainpop. The password for access to websites off that page is always "victor".

Sadly, our library has no public hours this year due to construction, but the OWWL system is ready and waiting for you with wonderful programming, incentives, and events! Victor-Farmington Free Library can provide you with every book recommended in this summer's suggestions! Click here for their program calendar of events.

Discover the SECRET to a LOVE of Reading!

Want to know the secret to a love of reading? CHOICE! So many parents ask me... "What if my child only wants to read ______?" If a child is actively reading a beloved series over and over... that's okay! Ask them to retell the events or describe the character. Maybe even have them draw their favorite part! If *you* can't stand to hear one more Rainbow Magic, try controlled choice, but letting the child select their reading is the #1 motivator.

The Importance of Picture Books

The perception that picture storybooks are just for babies is pervasive. But new research shared recently in this article by NPR explains how essential they are for building comprehension, vocabulary, and a love of reading. Yes, picture books are good building blocks from birth, but those same benefits last across all ages. The gist of the article is that different parts of your brain access text and images. It discusses the difference between digital and print access to stories and is worth a look!

"Reading is one of the most marvelous adventures anyone can have." ~Lloyd Alexander, author

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