Adopt A Dog

Help save a life

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They need you.

Have you ever felt unwanted, like if you don’t impress these people you could die, well that’s how all the animals in shelters feel. According to 7.6 million cats and dogs get put in animal shelters yearly. This is really bad because most of those animals get euthanize. Over 2.6 million animals get euthanize. They usually have to wait until the animal has been in the shelter for at least 72 hours. If they think the animal has a chance they will not put the animal down. If the animal has a minor or severe injury or they think that the animal doesn't have a chance they will put it down. Not all animal shelters put down the animals. Those shelters are called “No kill” shelters. We could reduce the numbers of animals in shelters if we stop buying puppies, and go down to our local shelter, and adopt a helpless little dog or cat.. said “Adopt don’t shop.” It just might save a life.

Good and Bad

  • Getting an animal is great

  • You are no longer lonely

  • Get a new friend

  • Cuddle Buddy

  • Say on my poster “You can help them"
  • Picture: Sad animals in cages

  • Say: “Help them have a home”

  • Tell them how many animals get put in shelters yearly

  • Tell them how many animals die in shelters yearly

  • They have to wait 72 hours until they can kill the animals