media and media literacy


Social media is one of the first things that come to mind when someone says media nowadays. With the latest trend being connected with “friends” online over social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest, the term media is consumed by the trend. If asked, to me media is being able to communicate through news, television, radio, online stories, magazines, newspaper, text messages, social networks, and advertisements. Getting a point across would be the main objective of media. To be media literate is to have a basic understanding of the different forms of media can be addressed to you. Such as it is to be literate, to be able to read and write. One needs to know how to use the media in their favor, how to find and what all you can find on the different forms media can be displayed, as well as be aware of the various ways media can be displayed. With smart phones bringing apps into everyday life for people, Twitter lets you post “tweets” for your followers to see as well as being able to message with them, Pandora not only plays music but also brings commercials to advertise for companies, the CNN app brings headline news to smartphones instantly. All these forms of media are great to use which can help you connect with people such as family members and old college friends and to be informed in everyday events happening near you or around the world, although some may be time consuming.

1984 connection

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Budweiser in the commercial, “Best Buds”, suggests that their beer brings different types of people together. Budweiser supports its suggestion by showing the bond between the dog, puppy adoption owner’s neighbor, and horse, two completely different animals, metaphorically demonstrating how people with diverse backgrounds can come together because of their beer. The company’s purpose is to show the heart-warming bond between all the characters in the commercial so that people who drink beer will subconsciously think about their friendships and time while drinking with them. The company demonstrates in a touching tone for responsible drinkers 21 and over.

Mac Miller - Youforia (Lyrics in Description)



I've been waiting so long
To get into her view by my side, to tell you I love you
I can't do no wrong when you are an angel
With you by my side, you are my euphoria


And when you look in my eyes the pain goes away, euphoria.
You feel so damn good, I want you to know that
Just come take my hand closer.
We could go to the moon
Look in my eyes as we lay, euphoria.


Now when you lay in my arms the pain goes away, euphoria.


And when you're mine, I won't let you go.
The pain, it can stay, like euphoria



This year’s language arts course, Media Literacy, expanded my knowledge and opened my eyes to the different types of media and how they are used. I learned about the wonderful précis and Coach Zopf could not stress enough how important and useful of a tool it will be for me as I move on to further my education; great amount of annotation was also forcefully implied, which has now become a habit of doing when reading, as the end of the school year is right around the corner. This class was different due to how material was taught and had many discussions about topics, the flexibility given by the teacher, and especially how the courses name on the schedule I received said “British Literature” and surprised me when it was introduced as Media Literacy on the first day of class. I really enjoyed the book, 1984, because of its surprising truth and similarities to what is going on in the world today. I had heard several references as well as great reviews about the book prior to this year and was excitedly looking forward to reading it during this course. If I could change one thing from this course, it would be using Schoology, because it was new to me I had somewhat of a hard time to get used to it; or they should start the underclassmen to use Schoology, which I’m sure they have already started doing so, in order for them not to have trouble or experience any surprise with this new gadget that is used. Other than the problem with Schoology, I would not change any other thing in the course; it was an interesting and entertaining class which I learned about media and the varying factors that come along with it.