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Peter The Great

He was a geat leader

Peter The Great was an excellent ruler

-Peter The Great was born in 1672 and died in 1725.

-Peter The Great was such an excellent ruler because:

-He modernized Russia

-He tried to focus on modern technology and science,

-He formed a senate in Russia

-Russia acquired area in Estonia, Lativa, and Finland under his rule

-Gained access to the Black Sea

-He formed a navy and reorganized the army to western standards

-He was skilled in mathematics, was a diplomat, and learned how to be a carpenter

-He defeated the Swedish army by fighting them in a harsh Russian winter

-He became tyrannical and raised the taxes in Russia highly

-Killed his oldest son for treason

-He was also a loud mouth, violent, and ruthless. Despite this, he always wanted to learn and was creative.