Hero Project

By Sunjay Joshi

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Why is she my hero?

She is my hero for many great reasons. She cleans up in the community. She helps poor people. But most of all, she is a good person. Her name, is Meera Joshi. An 8C alumni and great New Trier student.

Personal Hero Essay

Sunjay Joshi

Mr Boeckman

Period 8


My Hero-Meera Joshi (Sister)

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines amazing as, “causing great surprise or wonder : causing amazement.” When I imagine amazing, I see superman gliding throughout the blue sky, Michael Jordan dunking from the free throw line, and a kind hearted soul serving meals at the soup kitchen. To me, the definition of an amazing person is someone that stands out and is also unique. To me, that's what makes a hero and that is why my sister is my hero.

An amazing person shows generosity and greatness. Imagine a rich man helping out a homeless man begging on the streets by giving him five dollars. Consider the braveness of a man risking his own life to enter the army. Both of these men are amazing for being so thoughtful and kind to others. The amazing man helping the homeless made the homeless person's day by donating money. He did it because he is a compassionate and caring person and couldn't bear to see the poor man down and miserable without any help. The scenario of the man entering the military is amazing because he is willing to help and protect his country from danger. He would rather risk his life to save others over himself, which in my opinion makes him a hero. To be amazing, you help out others before helping yourself. This is how I define someone as an amazing hero.

Amazing is helping out at the soup kitchen 3 days a week for a month. Here is an example: Alfred has a busy week at New Trier High School balancing homework with swimming. He feels the need to help out in the community every week to make a positive difference in someone's life. Alfred knows that it would be almost impossible to help with the amount of homework and number of swimming events he has. Alfred realizes that if he works hard both in and out of school, he can help at the soup kitchen. Because he works countless hours in a day, everyday of the week, he can find the time to help out at the soup kitchen. At the end of the first week he realizes how much of an impact he has made on all of the needy. It's so amazing that he found the time to help others with the amount of activities he had to do. A hero is an amazing person that does many good things in our society. Without them, we would be living in a terrible place.

My hero is a very special person; she is my sister, Meera. She could easily represent the scenarios in this article. She volunteered at a soup kitchen, gives money to homeless men and women on the streets, and is a member of the girl scouts and which organizes activities to help other people. She helps me when I really need her the most. She is a great role model for me. Most of all, she is an amazing person who affects many people’s lives in a positive way. I am always a better person when my sister is around me. I wish that everyone could have someone like her but you only get this kind of person to learn from once in a lifetime.


She makes me feel good

She never disappoints you

She is my hero