Force and Motion!

Newtons laws of awesomeness!

Force and Motion

Force and motion is an everyday thing to work and make life easier. There are six simple machines, most are useded everyday. The six simple machines are,

  1. Inclined plane.
  2. Wedge.
  3. Screw.
  4. Lever.
  5. Wheel and axel.
  6. Pulley.

There are also three of newtons laws and simple machines have a part in it.

Compound machines.

Compound machines are a few of simple machines put together such as,

  • Wheel barel.
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Crane.
  • Bulldozer.
  • Clippers.
  • Escalator.


Newtons laws!

There are three laws

There are tree laws, they are called Newtons laws of motion and they are,

  1. Objects in motion stay in motion and things at reast stay at reast unless acted upon by a outsid object.
  2. F=ma means force=mass x acceleration, the grater the force the greater the speed.
  3. For every action there's a equal and opposite reaction.
Youtube (BILL NYE)

This is what you can click on to watch Bill Nye talking about simple machines.

Fun Fact!

Many people say that Newton decided to study force and motion because an apple fell on his head but that is not accurate the real reason he decided to study fore and motion is because he watched apples fall from trees.
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