Dominican Republic

By , Ava, Cade, Dane, and Averry


The absoulte location, Is Long - 18.7356963, and Lat -70.162651.

Realative Location - Puerto Rico, Hatia, Jamaica, A part of the island of Hispaniola.

Place/ AVA, DANE

Phyiscal charicteristics- Its bumpy, casue of the mountains, there is a ocean

, and sandy beaches.

Human Characteristics - Spanish people, They eat rice, red beans, fish, chicken, and salad. There religion is chathic, Jewish, Bodesites, and Muslems. They follow Euorpean and native cultures.

Clothing - They go to festivals and wear big dreses and face paint.

Human Enviorment Interaction/DANE

How people have positively affected the enviorment - They have national parks like, Arman do Bermudez, Cueva de las Maravillas, Jagura National Park, East National park, The nature Coservancy.

Negatively affected the enviorment- Deforstation, Low water supply, Siol Erosion, Hunt Edengeres species.

Tourist adapt to enviorment - They got jobs like - Carpenters, Cleaners, Shoe shining, Markets, Gallerys, Farmers, and Fishing. Also bodyguards

Movement/ AVA

# OF TELEPHONES - 8.77 million.

# Of televisions - 770,000 thousand

# OF CARS - 128,000 thousand

# with internet access - 2.7 million

OTHER - export with the U.S , Hatiti, and China

They import with U.S, Venezuela, China, Mexico, Columbia

Major Imports - Food stuffs, Petroluam, Cotton, Fabrics, Chemicals, and Pharmacueticals

Major Exports - Ferronickel, Sugar, gold, Silver, Coffee, Cocoa, Tobbaco, Meats, Consumer Goods

Region/ CADE

Northern - Has the Atlantic Costal Plains and Northern Mountain Range.

Central - Has the Carribian sea, is 2,000 m higher than Haiti. The Carribian Costal Plains elevation is 240 Kilometers high.

South Western - Is 2,000 m and that is it's highest peak. It lies South of Valled De San Juane

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