Animal Abuse

By Larissa Cook


Do you ever watch those sad TV commercials showing animal abuse then turn the TV channel because its to sad and you don't want to look at it? Do you ever think is there anything i can do to help these poor helpless animals theirs many things us humans can do to put a stop to animal brutality you just have to care.

Paragraph 1

Animal abuse is very, in fact to common to not have something done about it, in recent study's by the Humane Society it show that majority of animal abusers are men and most cases reported in animal hoarding are more likely women, to abuse animals so what dose this say about society gender dose not play a role in animal abuse.
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Paragraph 2

70.1% of abused animals are dogs due to the fact they are the most common house hold animals next is cats coming in at 24.1% then the 20% that is left it other unidentified animals that people may have.
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Paragraph 3

More then 50% of the US fur comes from China where millions of dogs and cats often bleed to death and skinned for there fur just so you can use it as rugs and also to ware it? Have you ever wandered where your expensive fur comes from now we know.
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Paragraph 4

Puppy mills are the large scale commercial dog breeding operations that put greater priority on profits rather then the health of the many dogs there. That most end up getting plagued with illness witch leads to animal neglect and abuse with people who don't want sick dogs do tend to.
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Paragrpah 5

Dog fighting became very known after the civil war with Pitt bulls and is a very strong reason of why they get a bad reputation for there aggressive side of why some people are scared of them. Dog fighting is illegal but still done in urban and suburban areas of the country and will go unknown and any dogs will die from it.
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Paragraph 6

For the scientific use of animals over 115 million mice, rats, rabbits, monkeys, birds, are killed each year only to be killed for cosmetic, chemical, drug and food testing. Why cant we find a safer better why to test out products without killings poor animals?

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Paragraph 7

Every major circus that uses animals that we all love to go to and take your kids have all been cited for a violation of the minimal standard care law by the US the AWA this meaning circus animals are treated not fair in saying they may be starved of food if not doing something right or just not getting it at all.
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Paragraph 8

In a nation wide study of 2014 each year only 2000 cases of animal abuse was reported this number is significantly low in comparison to each day every 10 seconds an animal is being abused daily.
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Paragraph 9

For the meat we eat due to genetic manipulation, 90% of broiler chickens (chicken bread specially for meat production) have trouble walking this is an example of why many schools and places have gone meatless meat to stop this abuse on many animals even if its not physical.
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To put a stop to all of this animal abuse the PAWS act (Pets and women safety act) have been proposed to better help the rights of both animals and women. The act is still sitting on congress desk waiting to be signed and pass with peoples help we can stop animal abuse and help to put a stop to it to make sure each animal is treated equally and has food and shelter with your help we can end animal brutality.
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