Ancient China



  • Eastern hemisphere
  • China has 2 major river systems
  • Yangtze and Huang He
  • Yangtze had high river banks.They built houses on high ground due to flooding season
  • Huang He had small banks and they built houses on stilts encase
  • Gobi desert- nick named "sea of death" no water or oasis's
  • Taklamakan- dangerous and really dry. Sandstorms are frequent

Dynasties and fuedalsim

Feudalism is the social system in which the nobles held lands from the crown in exchange for military service, and the peasants were obliged to live on the lord's land to take care and look after their home to maintain the military support. The Mandate of Heaven applies here for it decides what rank of royalty these men and/or women were on. If the "gods" were to have picked an emperor, he would have been considered the divine son of god and all shall abide to him. The Nobles would step up to serve the Emperor for the remainder of their life in exchange for protection and shelter and such. And finally, the nobles would send the peasants to do as the emperor please so that the nobles can hold their position as part of the emperors land.


People from Ancient Chinese cultures believed in painting landscape to show the "great" relationship earth and man had. They had made amazing pottery with swirly designs on them as well. Art during the Han Dynasty was based off of Buddhism. This Buddhist art style included life sized statues from the sculptors.Near this time, they had created porcelain trying to copy Roman blown glass.


This civilization worshiped their ancestors and would seek guidance from them. The community did not interact with other communities since it was isolated from other civilizations.


Ancient chinese writing started as pictograms. They wrote in Oracle Bones; writing in Turtle shells as a way to decode the future. During the Zhou Era they wrote philisophical and religious literature. Writing could be understood by others unlike when speaking to someone.

Mandate of Heaven

This references when the "gods" would choose a new king. A catastrophic event would happen and the king would no longer be the king. They believed that catastrophes were caused by the kings and that it meant the "gods" were upset with him.

Using oracle bones, they would find who the new king would be. Depending on the way the turtle shell would break, the "gods" would select the next king.
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