By: Abby & Emily

Starvation in Africa

Approximately 800 million people are undernourished (Hall). "Most undernourished people live in developing countries" (Hall).


Fleding from slave trade led to deserted farm land that led to decrease in food production. Slave traders destroyed many crops during the rampages. Pests (like locusts) and weeds spread easily and destroyed entire crops (Hall).


Drought, poorly used irrigation, erosion, wind blowing nutrients away, excess water, over irrigation, oveveruse of farmland, overgrazing, and locusts are causes for famine (Hall).


Undernutrition, disease, debt, problems with livestock and war are the effects of famine (Hall).


Famine early warning systems, local food aid, work-for-food programs, traditional agriculture, genetically modified crops, better water, and reduce conflict are all simple ways to better control famine (Hall).


"Undernourishement contributes to 5.6 million deaths of children under the age of 5" (Hall). "At least 1 million malnourished children die every year because they lack access to the necessary treatment"
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